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Today's Taurus Horoscope

Make backstage preparations and handle urgencies at work. Work your way around opposition or blockages. Track orders and accounts. Keep your patience and sense of humor.

  • Love 8
  • Communication6
  • Work 6

Today's Aspects

  • 12:11 AM Venus opposition Saturn Let go of old fears. Stick to priorities you've set. Temptation stirs your interest. Take care not to provoke jealousies.
  • 2:19 AM Moon enters Aquarius Expect more responsibility next few days. Career opportunities show up for the next two days. Use the next two days to forge ahead.
  • 4:39 AM Moon opposition Mercury Re-assess your assets. Find another way to cut costs. A disagreement about priorities. Mental alertness is key. Before now. Another source of revenue. Consider all possibilities.
  • 2:59 PM Moon square Uranus Think it over longer. Truth vies with beliefs. All does not go as expected. Travel's better tomorrow. Keep digging and find the clue. Wait and rest.
  • 10:52 PM Moon opposition Mars You see what your partner needs. There's an argument about who's in charge. Ignore fear.

Tomorrow's Taurus Horoscope

Do what you love despite challenges. Hone your presentation to sell an idea. There's profit potential, and a dream seems within reach. Do the homework.

  • Love 8
  • Communication7
  • Work 7

Tomorrow's Aspects

  • 11:12 AM Venus trine Neptune Hope bursts through again. Set up a date for tomorrow. Let a friend inspire you. Explain with affection. Sell the dream you're in. Get the team fed. Use your personal magic for romance.

Friday's Taurus Horoscope

Connect with friends and relations. Your communications and networking skills blossom over several weeks with Mercury retrograde in Cancer. Study, research and write.

  • Love 8
  • Communication8
  • Work 7

Friday's Aspects

  • 12:15 AM Mercury enters Cancer Your communications and networking skills are especially hot over the next two weeks with Mercury in Cancer. Study, research and write.
  • 2:21 PM Moon enters Pisces Associates deliver data now. Being polite's a virtue to be practiced. Friends are very helpful for the next two days. Check public opinion today and tomorrow.

July's Horoscope

Profit through communications. Share gratitude and appreciation. Breakthroughs arise in conversation under this new moon. Adapt to unexpected news. Communicate carefully. Keep confidences and secrets. Organize, sort and file papers, especially regarding academics. Disagreements come easily. Focus towards current passions. This full moon sparks a shift in your career. Wrap your love around home and family. A seed planted long ago flowers.

Significant Dates

  • Jul2
  • Jul7
  • Jul16
  • Jul31


Mercury is retrograde

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2019-08-01 04:59:59 -0700

The smallest planet in the Solar System, Mercury's closest to the Sun and completes an orbit every 88 days.

Mercury's retrograde lasts about three weeks, and occurs three times a year. Mercury's the planet that rules over communication, intellect, education, commerce and transportation. Retrograde effects include slowing, blocking, jamming and breakdowns. Listening and reviewing gets more important, as the message can become garbled, lost or delayed.

Mercury's the ruling planet for both Gemini and Virgo, so people born under these signs can be more affected by Mercury Retrograde.

Mars is direct

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2020-09-09 04:59:59 -0700

Mars is the action planet, named for the warrior god in Roman mythology. It takes the fourth planet about 687 Earth days to orbit the Sun.

When Mars goes retrograde, which it does every 2 and a half years (usually for two months), thought takes precedence over overt actions, and pressure can become internalized. Stress can lead to health problems, and impulsiveness can lead to arguments and accidents. Release emotion with exercise. It's a good time to take it slower, review the plans, and re-define goals and methods. Avoid risky business, for love or money. New endeavors can stall or may not go as intended, so it's better to choose a launch date after Mars goes direct.

Mars retrograde affects each person individually according to their natal chart, but in general, Mars rules Aries and Scorpio, so these signs are especially affected.