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Today's Scorpio Horoscope

Collaborate for family gain. Love is your magic power with Jupiter in Pisces until July 28. Romance, fun and joy sparkle. Share special connections.

  • Love 9
  • Communication8
  • Work 8

Today's Aspects

  • 9:07 AM Moon Trine Saturn Spend more time with loved ones. Concerning personal responsibilities. Discipline and experience make the difference. Make home and family needs. Teach from experience. Work flow increases.
  • 11:34 AM Moon conjunct Mercury Contribute to a miracle. Thinking it over is good, too. Verify from a second source.
  • 9:22 PM Jupiter enters Pisces Collaborate for family gain. Love is your magic power with Jupiter in Pisces until July 28. Romance, fun and joy sparkle. Share special connections.

Tomorrow's Scorpio Horoscope

Expand territory. Dig into a tantalizing puzzle. What you're learning can open new doors. Indulge your sense of adventure. Explore ideas, cultures and views.

  • Love 7
  • Communication8
  • Work 8

Tomorrow's Aspects

  • 3:54 AM Moon square Neptune No emotional spending, okay? Turn down an expensive invitation. Don't get all the bells and whistles. Keep written records, as communication glitches may arise. Imagine total success, without relying on a fantasy.
  • 6:31 PM Moon enters Cancer The next two days are good for expanding your territory. You're entering a two-day adventurous phase.
  • 6:43 PM Moon Trine Jupiter Your past work speaks well for you. Take it all philosophically. Good luck with work and pay.

Saturday's Scorpio Horoscope

Find unexpected adventure. Studies reveal hidden treasure. Dig into an interesting thread. Avoid risk or complications. Research the back story. Make an exciting discovery.

  • Love 8
  • Communication9
  • Work 8

Saturday's Aspects

  • 5:42 PM Moon sextile Uranus Cash in on something you've kept in reserve. Your suspicions get confirmed. Gather information. Some of your worries are well founded. Teamwork pays off. Intuition leads to amazing discoveries.
  • 10:10 PM Moon conjunct Mars Imagine the project completed. Resist the urge to splurge. Discipline is required.

May's Horoscope

Launch a profitable initiative together. Find creative ways to grow your family's nest egg. Upgrade a classic idea. Refine and polish. For about three months with saturn retrograde, revisit plans for home infrastructure. Expand your boundaries. Turn towards an inspiring possibility. A challenge redirects you. Clarify misunderstandings right away. Romantic overtures could backfire over the next three weeks with mercury retrograde.

Significant Dates

  • May11
  • May23
  • May26
  • May29


Mercury is direct

for another…

2021-05-29 04:59:59 -0700

The smallest planet in the Solar System, Mercury's closest to the Sun and completes an orbit every 88 days.

Mercury's retrograde lasts about three weeks, and occurs three times a year. Mercury's the planet that rules over communication, intellect, education, commerce and transportation. Retrograde effects include slowing, blocking, jamming and breakdowns. Listening and reviewing gets more important, as the message can become garbled, lost or delayed.

Mercury's the ruling planet for both Gemini and Virgo, so people born under these signs can be more affected by Mercury Retrograde.