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Today's Horoscope

Collaborate. Resolve misunderstandings. Practice what you love to do and improve skills over the next five months with Uranus retrograde. Revise and refine your technique. Consider family before making changes.

  • Love 9
  • Communication9
  • Work 6

Today's Aspects

  • 4:26 AM Moon opposition Saturn Handle practical matters first. Shyness, lack of self-confidence, money problems, or trouble in a partnership keep your mood quiet. Call if you're going to be late. Don't get controversial now.
  • 4:59 AM Uranus retrograde Reconsider your options carefully. Stick to tested methods. Increase your meditation. Expect rebellious explosions, discovery and insight over the next five months (Uranus retrograde). Look for answers.
  • 6:47 AM Moon square Neptune No emotional spending, okay? Turn down an expensive invitation. Don't get all the bells and whistles. Keep written records, as communication glitches may arise. Imagine total success, without relying on a fantasy.
  • 1:44 PM Mercury square Mars Do what worked before. Be quiet, you're a little edgey. Advise patience and defer gratification. The job takes priority. Proceed with caution. Postpone a financial discussion.

Tomorrow's Horoscope

Do the numbers today and tomorrow. Assume more responsibility over the next few weeks, with Mercury in Virgo. Promote your work to advance your career. Move quickly and focus on details.

  • Love 9
  • Communication8
  • Work 8

Tomorrow's Aspects

  • 12:05 AM Moon square Jupiter Travel interferes with your routine. Don't flirt on company time. Show your philosophical side in public. The opposition holds out, and it could get tense. Partnership issues demand attention.
  • 11:02 AM Mercury enters Virgo Assume more responsibility over the next few weeks, with Mercury in Virgo. Advance your career. Pay attention, move quickly and focus on details.
  • 2:09 PM Moon enters Cancer Re-commit to getting your affairs into order over the next couple of days. A lack of funds threatens your plans. Handle finances now.
  • 2:32 PM Moon sextile Mercury An intensely creative moment flowers naturally. Romance blossoms through communication.

Sunday's Horoscope

Polish your presentations. Promotions, communications and marketing grow your career over the next three weeks. Carefully choose your words and images. Craft solid, reasonable budgets. Smile for the camera.

  • Love 7
  • Communication5
  • Work 7

Sunday's Aspects

  • 5:03 PM Moon opposition Pluto Make the long-distance call. Dig and you shall discover. Temporary confusion.
  • 9:02 PM Venus trine Uranus You have everything you need. Find another source of revenue. Get help building your dream. You have what others want. Make time for romance. Love captures your fancy.

July's Horoscope

One phase ends as the next begins in your shared finances with this new moon. New opportunities surface. Profitable new opportunities bloom under the full moon. Keep track of what's coming in and going out to maximize savings. Play games you know how to win for the next five months with uranus retrograde. Consider family before making changes.

Significant Dates

  • Jul4
  • Jul19
  • Jul29


Mercury is direct

for another…

2016-08-30 04:59:59 -0700

The smallest planet in the Solar System, Mercury's closest to the Sun and completes an orbit every 88 days.

Mercury's retrograde lasts about three weeks, and occurs three times a year. Mercury's the planet that rules over communication, intellect, education, commerce and transportation. Retrograde effects include slowing, blocking, jamming and breakdowns. Listening and reviewing gets more important, as the message can become garbled, lost or delayed.

Mercury's the ruling planet for both Gemini and Virgo, so people born under these signs can be more affected by Mercury Retrograde.