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Friday, September 30

Today's Pisces Horoscope

Do numbers over the next two days. Review statements for errors. Investigate to solve a mystery. Collaborate to maximize income and diminish expenses. Divvy up tasks to finish faster.

  • Love 7
  • Communication7
  • Work 8

Today's Aspects

  • 12:55 AM Moon enters Libra To avoid a potential problem, play the game exactly by the book. Tackle detailed chores today or tomorrow.
  • 5:03 AM Moon square Mars Don't go, yet. Hold your temper. Don't push your personal beliefs onto others. Don't take action, yet. Finish your preparations. Take time for passionate embrace.
  • 9:55 AM Moon conjunct Jupiter Explore new work space options. A very lucky moment for love. Good news from far away. Go along with everything else. Keep your objective in mind.
  • 5:15 PM New Moon A turning point arises regarding family finances with this New Moon. Discover new possibilities, and shift directions. Together you're more powerful. Align your priorities for new circumstances.

Tomorrow's Pisces Horoscope

New opportunities to fill family coffers arise with this New Moon. Gain an advantage from an inside tip, and shift directions. Together you're more powerful. Realign priorities.

  • Love 7
  • Communication7
  • Work 8

Tomorrow's Aspects

  • 12:18 AM Moon sextile Saturn Provide well for family. Be precise and very neat! Follow the rules exactly.
  • 6:33 AM Moon square Pluto Ponder your upcoming action. Don't take on any more work yet. Professional advice comes in handy now. Wait until after this aspect to travel. Avoid arguments.
  • 10:11 AM Venus trine Neptune Hope bursts through again. Set up a date for tomorrow. Let a friend inspire you. Explain with affection. Sell the dream you're in. Get the team fed. Use your personal magic for romance.
  • 10:46 PM Moon opposition Uranus Recall a recent dream or an image from your meditation. Start thinking about an upcoming job.

Sunday's Pisces Horoscope

Get into an adventurous phase. Conditions are better for travel for the next two days. New opportunities present themselves. Learn something new. Watch where you're going.

  • Love 7
  • Communication6
  • Work 7

Sunday's Aspects

  • 12:44 PM Moon enters Scorpio Entering two-day adventurous phase. Keep the money in the bank. Conditions are better for travel for the next two days. New opportunities present themselves. Take care.
  • 8:32 PM Moon sextile Mars Others give you a boost. Confess what you've been worried about. Love finds a way to work things out. Secure the ground taken. You're energy's at a peak, and the tide's in your favor. Amazing results are possible.

September's Horoscope

Sit down and work it out, to discover new possibilities. Together you're more powerful. A turning point arises with your personal priorities and obligations. Apply discipline to time management, and rely on your schedule. Writing is essential to your work. Career is highlighted, and a move is possible. A barrier to your objective is dissolving. Advances in career easier for about seven months. For about seven months, tie up loose ends in career training. Together you're more powerful. A turning point arises regarding family finances with this new moon in libra.

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Mercury is direct

for another…

2016-12-19 03:59:59 -0800

The smallest planet in the Solar System, Mercury's closest to the Sun and completes an orbit every 88 days.

Mercury's retrograde lasts about three weeks, and occurs three times a year. Mercury's the planet that rules over communication, intellect, education, commerce and transportation. Retrograde effects include slowing, blocking, jamming and breakdowns. Listening and reviewing gets more important, as the message can become garbled, lost or delayed.

Mercury's the ruling planet for both Gemini and Virgo, so people born under these signs can be more affected by Mercury Retrograde.